[thelist] Someone wants to advertise on my site (slightly OT)

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Jan 12 04:50:37 CST 2006

Message from Daniel & Anna Medley (1/11/2006 01:26 PM)

>They say that the links would be to shopping/research portals based on broad
>topics like

>  "investing"

"XXX Corporation - H0t st0ck for New year time!!"

>"software" and

"Get Adobe Photoshop today. Only $1.99! Genuine, auhtentic burned copies!"


"You've been pre-aproved to recieve our one time low rate"

>What I'm wondering, has anyone here heard of this type of advertising? What
>are some things that I should be cautious of?

I'd tell them I want to pre-approve any ads before they are published. 
Because they may start out with legit-looking ads before going downhill.


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