[thelist] IE7 Beta 2 available to public

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Feb 1 03:59:55 CST 2006

Ian Anderson scribeva in 01/02/2006 9:47:
> 2. This replaces IE6, but you can apparently run an IE6 standalone in 
> the same fashion as earlier versions.
> http://browsers.evolt.org/?ie/32bit/standalone

This article is worth reading:

There seems to be some complications running ie6 & ie7 on same system.

> 3. For those like me with only one XP machine who don't want to replace 
> IE6 yet, there is an IE7 standalone from ...
> Trouble is, this is Beta 1 and I am unsure how much stock to put in what 

I believe there are some significant differences between B1 and B2, e.g. 
PNG alpha, IIRC.


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