[thelist] Seeking Specific Site Software

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Feb 2 11:51:53 CST 2006

I have a client who wants two separate sites:

1 Gallery Site:

The main function is an art gallery to showcase the owner's original 
artwork. Beyond that he needs a few static pages, and the possibility of 
adding a shopping cart would also be very good.

While on the one hand, a regular cart like zencart could certainly 
handle this job, there are also gallery software packages designed 
specifically for showcasing artwork. Not all of them have a proper 
shoping cart, however. Their advantage is that they seem to work better 
as a viewing gallery.

Anyone have any suggestions for software for this site?

2 Invitations Site:

The main function of this site is an estore to sell custom-made 
invitations to weddings, showers, parties and any other such event. To 
that effect, the owner needs to present an interface to the users which 
allows them to perform the following actions:

1 Select invitation type (wedding, baby shower etc.)
2 Choose on image from those available or upload your own
3 Choose from one of several text layouts (different invitation types 
will generate a different list of text layouts)
4 Choose font and color
5 Enter the relevant text fields (names, dates, places, etc.). each 
invitation type will require different fields, baby's name for a baby 
shower, bride and groom for a wedding, etc.
6 Choose optional extras such as envelopes, reply cards, thank you cards
7 Enter quantity

After this process, the user will be presented with a price and proceed 
to checkout.

Anyone know of any software package that already has most of this 
functionality? That would probably be more cost-effective than building 
from scratch.


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