[thelist] Intranet Freezing

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
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When you say "Freeze" do you mean that attempting to request /any/ page at
all (even a plain HTML page) times out?
If plain HTML pages work, what about a simple ASP pages that just does a
Or is it only the pages that involve connecting to Access?

>From the examples above, the problem could be in IIS (any page), or in ASP
(ASP pages only), or perhaps blocking in the database or database driver
(only Access related pages stop). We need to do some further investigation.

My suggestion - use a debug tool like IISState or DebugDiagnostics to get a
log when the problem next occurs. Post the log here if you need help
deciphering it.

How to obtain/configure IISState

How to obtain/configure DebugDiag:

Also worth reading:


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Theres several things on this box - and the intranet is one of them. The
intranet is freezing up.  Is there anything in regular asp pages that would
cause the intranet to freeze up for all the pages?  All the databases are
Access - would too many people requesting stuff from an Access database at
one time make it freeze?  Like several people trying to pull up the phone
listing at once?
  Any ideas are welcome

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