[thelist] Logo Contest Question

Stefan Waidele jun. Stefan at Waidele.info
Sat Feb 4 12:11:25 CST 2006

Ed McCarroll schrieb:
>>what do I say to the designer of the winning logo?

"You were the only entry. Here are your $100. We will be using another 
logo that we developed in-house. Thank you for participating".

Don't ...
> Lie.
> Tell him that he won, but that your attorneys discovered that somebody
> else was using a logo that resembled his so much that you're afraid to
> use his.

You: "Our attorneys discovered a simular logo in use. We are wimps and 
don't want to get in trouble."
Desgner: "Oops. That is interesting. Could you point me to that 
prominent logo, please? Just to satisfy my curiousity?"
You: "Here comes trouble..."

> "I would rather be inconsistent than wrong."  (Mohandas Ghandi) 

"The truth shall set you free" (The Bible)

I think that while it might not be as easy to tell the truth, it will 
free you from most hazzles that comes with lying.


PS: Ever considered that the designer reads this list (or one day 
searches the archives) ?

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