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Tue Feb 7 14:39:29 CST 2006

Quoting "Pringle, Ron" <RPringle at aurora-il.org>:

>> >Not to pick on you Mattias, but frankly, I'm amazed at this sort of
>> >response. First off, to create a first rate logo takes a lot
>> of time and
>> >skill.

 From my experience buying a logo, it takes a lot of involvement and
communication between the "artist/consultant" and the client.

I was involved in some logo discussions on this list a year or so ago, 
whether the price tag determines the quality or "success" of a logo, and what
rights ought to be transferred to the client.

One of the most famous logos, the Nike swoosh, sold for $35.00. I would argue
that what makes it an "icon" in society today is not so much the look 
or design
itself but MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of marketing dollars. Name any number 
of "ugly"
logos that you can think of, yet still instantly recognize. You recognize them
because they have been flashed before your eyes many many times.

Quoting myself a year ago:
'In the end, the success of a logo is part "magical ju-ju", which is what
you hope you're more likely to get by hiring some expensive logo
designer firm, and part marketing dollars - lots of them.'

For archived messages relating to that discussion, see for instance here:

As an aside, I'm really happy with the logo of the company I'm with. It look a
lot of involvement from us to get what we wanted, something in line with our
message and our product.  I suppose that if we had gone to some more expensive
agency, we might have benefitted from a more experienced artist, someone being
able to read our wishes better. But what we got, was worth every penny of the
$300 we spent, and that fee included business cards, letterhead, and full
transfer of copyrights.

If you're curios, check it out at http://www.activeagenda.net

Best wishes,

Mattias Thorslund

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