[thelist] Active Agenda logo (was RE: Logo Contest Question)

mattias at thorslund.us mattias at thorslund.us
Tue Feb 7 17:34:50 CST 2006

Quoting "Canfield, Joel" <JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org>:

>> A whole-hearted recommendation? Maybe not, but it's certainly
>> possible to get
>> the logo you want if you engage in the process.
> and sounds like a reasonable concept, overall
> explains also that the 'cost' includes, not just $$, but your own time,
> making the price tag even more realistic, at least to me
> thanks

You're welcome.

This is just to point out that even a $6,000 logo, or a million-dollar one is
going to require input and participation from the client. There's no way some
big-shot designer will know "what's right for you" better then you will, so
it's not a process that could be put on auto-pilot, ever.


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