[thelist] Session cache limite and header information

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Mon Apr 10 05:17:14 CDT 2006

Hi Ian,

The discrepancy is because I removed some comments prior to posting. Sorry.
There is no HTML in the script.  There might be carriage returns, but how
can you check for them.  My editor does not show them up.  There are
carriage returns at the end of each php line of code.



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Santilal Parbhu wrote:

> The script is below, and Line 62 is the one starting - session_start(),
> Line 105 is the one starting - header("Location: example.9-8.php");

Have you checked to see if there is any whitespace getting sent first?
Carriage returns above the PHP code or something?

I notice that the session_start() is actually on line 50 of the code you
included, not 62 - why the discrepancy?

Hope this helps



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