[thelist] how to refer to an event that occurs on the 2nd Tue of the month (for example)

John Hicks johnlist at gulfbridge.net
Thu May 4 09:42:27 CDT 2006

John Hicks wrote:
> Byron Alley wrote:
>> Sometimes there isn't an elegant word to describe the case, and even
>> sometimes when there is, it isn't a word that most users will understand
>> right away (eg. "contiguous").
>> You might be better off using plain language and an example.  I'm a big fan
>> of examples in lieu of explanations.  So my solution:
>> * Daily
>> * Weekly, e.g. every Tuesday
>> * Monthly (by day of month), e.g. the 15th of every month* Other regular
>> events (first tuesday of every month, every six weeks, every ten days, etc.)
>> - Byron
> Just a quick reality check here.
> Sherri Fleming and I seem to be the only ones who think that an event 
> that occurs on the first Monday of every month should be called a 
> monthly meeting.
> Now think for a minute:
> How many monthly events are there in your life?
> When do they occur?
> If the events are meetings, I daresay they occur on a certain day of the 
> month.
> Indeed, the only monthly events that occur by day of the month that I 
> can think of are certain paydays and certain tax payments.
> So to call the latter "monthly" and the former something other than 
> monthly would be less than intuitive IMOSOHO.
> And intuitive is a good thing when it comes to designing a user interface.
> -J

Needless to say I meant to say:
If the events are meetings, I daresay they occur on a certain day of the

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