[thelist] DB Schema Design

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Sun May 7 11:00:35 CDT 2006

Christie Mason wrote:
> I like the single table idea as long as you have some type of field, sounds
> like that may be class, to filter the entries for selects and validation by
> its appropriate application.
> Maintaining 17 different lookup tables would be an admin nightmare.

Not sure why that would be worse than on table with 1000 entries.

> I know "name" is reserved for some types of dbs, I wonder if "class" is also
> reserved.  You may want to check that out before you name your field/columns
> using those terms.

Thanks. I will double check this.

Ian Anderson wrote:
 > And why are there 72 tables anyway?  What the heck is this web app
 > describing, everything in the world? I think the schema may be borked,
 > by the sound of things.


I unfortunately missed the lecture on advanced database terminology and 
so I am uncertain as to the precise meaning of 'borked,' but I can 
assure you that the schema has no extra tables whatsoever. For a 
medium-sized web application to manage a complicated business I think 72 
tables is to be expected actually. :)


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