[thelist] Firefox, layers, form elements are showing through....

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Mon Jun 5 12:35:01 CDT 2006


   That's a weird one you've got there.  I shrunk my browser a bit and confirmed that for the lower items (when the layer has to go "up" to clear the bottom of the window) the bleeding happens as you described (at my res, AutoPay Balance was a good example).  

At least you know it has nothing to do with checkboxes :)

   I looked through some of your source, and I haven't bothered downloading all your JS files (are you using script from WaMu in there?) but I wonder if there's something weird in the popup code... how exactly are you showing and populating the detail div?

   Also -- and this is just a stab in the dark -- what happens if you remove the DTD statement from the page?

Fumbling blindly,


				From: "Anthony Baratta" anthony at baratta.com

Note #2: 

I've found the pattern - but need to identify the "why".

If you want to duplicate it - go to http://baratta.net/PopTest/, then resize your browser to width 550, height 650. Then roll over the items in the list. You'll notice that check boxes and text "above" the text that activates the dHTML layer are covered by the layer. But check boxes and text "below and to the right" of the activation text show through.

The items that show this behaviour best at this browser size are:

CPSF022_001 - Auto Fix Pay Msg and CPSMO21_001 - Autopay Min Pay

Does any else see this same behaviour? (I'll gladly assume insanity and have myself committed. ;-)

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