[thelist] Specific Ecommerce Requirements

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Wed Jun 28 08:49:59 CDT 2006

She would probably not come up with some obscure payment gateway right?
Then it is 'easy' for there are modules for Oscommerce for all well known 
systems like Worldpay and the like....
If not already there for Zen-cart or even a module the payment gateway 
itself has ready there for you.
ALL well known gateways have api's. examples et cet to make life easy!
If they don't...well....

I just find this strange, to store CC info from customers yourself.
My advice is to NEVER store it but leave it to the payment gateways.
- to be less vulnerable when hackers or something attach your site and info 
in the dbase
- the payment providers make their business to check FRAUD et cet with 
- make life easier for the merchant for handling CC transactions yourself... 
well.. you get the idea...
- i am not 100% sure but i think  here in NL it is even forbidden to store 
and handle CC info yourself as a online merchant.

Hating paypal is rather 'stupid' for you can just use it for the Credicard 
trans. where people do not need to get a member using their paypal money 
account if i am not wrong.


> Even with the split storage option, do you all concur that a secure
> certificate is a must as well?  I'm just finishing setting up a client
> with zen-cart, at least finishing what I can.  She "hates" PayPal and
> refuses to pay "Authorize.net" fees.  The cc storage option is door #3.
> Followup question - zen-cart has limited payment options.  How much
> effort (programming, PHP - me probably) will it take to incorporate a
> choice not on their list?  - or - what are the chances that the other
> services (she might choose) will already have the development ready,
> ready for plug-n-play?
> -Bob
> Christy Collins wrote:
>>On Jun 28, 2006, at 6:57 AM, John Handelaar wrote:
>>>Hershel Robinson wrote:
>>>>But that's the answer--put in the MySQL DB. Many ecommerce
>>>>packages do
>>>>this by anyway--even if they do place the charge automatically at
>>>>checkout time.
>>>And they shouldn't.  You don't keep people's CC
>>>numbers any longer than is absolutely necessary
>>>(unless you want to comply with the processors'
>>>data security reqs [tip: you don't] and/or get
>>>ejected by your card company).
>>>At the very least make damned sure you both
>>>deliver the checkout form, *and* receive it, over
>>>There's code in some of the Drupal payment modules
>>>(you'll want to copy one and edit it for your
>>>own rather weird requirement) to switch protocols
>>>at the right moment.  My own Linkpoint_API one
>>>does it but isn't converted to 4.7 yet;
>>>Authorize_net does it too and may be worth a look.
>>I think the way Zen Cart's credit card module works is it stores part
>>of the number in the database and emails part of it to you - this is
>>the module that comes with the standard installation and  you would
>>use for manual credit card processing.
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