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John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Thu Oct 5 15:51:10 CDT 2006

Rickards, Julian (NDM) wrote:
> I know that you can't save partly-completed PDF
> forms if you have only Acrobat Reader and I know that I can save
> partly-completed PDF forms in Acrobat 7 Pro but I don't know if a user
> of Acrobat 7 Standard can.

The product matrix is in a bit of flux right now, because Adobe Acrobat 
8 was announced last week. There's probably a 7.0 matrix somewhere on 
the site or in the docs, but I'm late to a meeting right now and can't 
search.... :(

Additionally, the word "save" above could be intended in different 
senses... might mean save to the local drive, might mean save to the 
server. I'm also not positive that the form will be filled out in 
Reader... might be that you're designing for Acrobat Standard users, not 

The basic distinction is that the free Adobe Reader is a reader, with 
some collaborative abilities (commenting, etc), while Acrobat (either 
Standard or Professional) is a creation tool. Acrobat users can set 
permissions on documents they create for varying tasks done in the free 

Adobe Acrobat 8, either Standard or Pro, will be able to create 
documents where people using the free Adobe Reader can fill out forms 
and archive these forms to their local drive. My memory is that Acrobat 
7, both Standard and Pro, could create documents where users of teh free 
Adobe Reader could fill out forms and submit them for remote storage, 
but neither could create forms which Reader users could save to their 
own local drives.

I don't have Acrobat Standard on my machine -- they put Pro on here at 
the acquisition -- so I can't check. The documentation would still be 
the best bet, but my memory is that both Acrobat 7 Standard and Acrobat 
7 Pro could make forms which Reader 7 users could fill out and save 
remotely, but it's Acrobat 8 which adds local file-creation to the mix. 
Docs would be a better source, though....


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