[thelist] What makes a good web site?

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Wed Oct 18 14:11:42 CDT 2006

>Anyway, the only caveat I would throw out there is to remember that those small group
>observations and interactions are not _always_ a statistically valid sample ... so be 
>a little cautious about making 'really big' radical usability changes to your 
>masterpiece without checking with a significant (and representative) portion of your 
>user base.

I noticed the issues during my design phase, but being naïve about the so called glitches, didn't think it would be an issue... Boy was I wrong, the audience member was using and AOL browser narrower than 800 pixels wide. Made my well thought out design look like my sons diaper from yesterday. I have some work to do :-)

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