[thelist] Image not displaying using mod rewrite

Dave Stevens evolt at davestevens.co.uk
Mon Nov 6 05:26:18 CST 2006

rahaman wrote:
> hi ,
> I have the problem of displaying images using mod rewrite . i want to
> display the following link
> RewriteRule ^index/([^/\.]+)?$ index.php?handle=$1 [L]
> RewriteRule ^index/([^/\.]+)/([^/\.]+)$ index.php?cat=$1&subcat=$2 [L]
> RewriteRule ^index/([^/\.]+)/([^/\.]+)/([^/\.]+)$
> index.php?cat=$1&subcat=$2&pg=$3
> [L]

These three rules are causing your problem. Basically, this rewrites 
anything below the "index" folder and sends it as a variable to 
index.php, which means that any of your images that are called are not 
being found.

Your image source could be: src="images/anImage.jpg"
but due to the rewriting, this will be rewritten to 

Try to be more specific with your rewrite rule, so that "images" is not 
rewritten. Are your categories and subcategories numerical? Or are they 


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