[thelist] Urgently looking for a new server

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Mon Nov 6 06:59:52 CST 2006

Dear Chris,

I have hosted my sites with dreamhost for about the past 5 years. Up until
about 4 months ago I never had any problems with them. Everything ran
smoothly 99% of the time. Then this summer they had the worst downtime,
email problems, server problems, you name it and it went on for weeks. I
don't know if it was bad luck or incompetence but it took them for ever to
sort everything out, not for lack of trying though. Since they have sorted
themselves out, the service has been good enough for me again. 


They keep a blog of their hosting status at :

This is quite handy if you are experiencing any problems. You can also read
past issues and peoples comments on here too.


For me, I find their prices very good, they offer PHP, MYSQL etc that you
are looking for, there are lots of one click installs for things like
wordpress that make set up easy. Their web panel is great for being able to
do so much yourself rather than having to contact support to do it for you.


They have gone from being small to rather large now and I have seen the
response time for support increase. They always respond though and I find
their style of chatting to you relaxed and informal and they seem like they
always want to help and sort any problems or questions out, support though
has to be done through email. They have no phone support which some people
don't like.


Personally I would recommend them but if you read comments on the blog, lots
of people got pissed off with them over the summer and moved away so it's a
bit of a tough one really. 



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