[thelist] site speed

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Mon Nov 6 08:11:09 CST 2006

Once before I asked a similar question to what I am about to ask.  To 
check site speed I commonly go to the www.websiteoptimization.com link, 
which is included in the http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/ 
toolbar for Firefox.  That is a "nice" tool.

By choice I use a slow broadband connect (256k) - it doesn't give the 
full experience of 56k modem, but is a good barometer.  Generally when a 
hopeful contacts me I check site speed as well as some of the other 
standards.  I run into a lot of small businesses (automotive shop, hair 
salon, accountants, etc) with very large landing pages (other pages, 
too), commonly 500k to 1000k.  It could be a flash intro or perhaps just 
plain using someone who designs over a fast connection and doesn't see 
the impact.  Why is not so important.

This question comes in two flavors and I know it depends muchly on the 
audience. That was the response I got last time, so trying to be a 
little more specific here.

1) Is there a common, acceptable standard that developers should shoot 
for amongst these local, small business types? Frequently their 
suppliers will send canned advertising material that is huge, but looks 
great on paper?

2) 500k seems pretty bulky to me.  Is that an acceptable figure for 
sites that are designed and tailored specifically to a high tech 
audience, perhaps B2B

*) Comment - it's a challenge to develop a nice site with great images 
that weighs in at under 50k.


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