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Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Thu Nov 9 14:14:13 CST 2006

I had a visitor who left today. It was actually a couple in their 
sixties. This couple *is* computer literate--they both have AOL and 
Verizon email accounts and use them regularly and they know how to check 
stock prices and go shopping on the internet.

They wanted to print out boarding passes for Continental, so I watched 
her navigate the Continental.com site. I was only really half-watching 
in truth, but at one point I took notice.

She was on a page which had in the middle two radio buttons, something 
like this:

  o Use your stored Travel Documentation with ID# of 1234
  o Enter new Travel Documentation information:

There were then a text input and maybe two dropdowns for expiration 
date. She glanced at the text, went upstairs to find her passport, came 
back and began typing her passport number in. I then looked over and 
pointed out to her that she had just typed in 1234, the same number 
already stored for her.

She replied that I was right. She said she had checked (mentally) that 
the correct radio button was checked (the first one) but then when she 
saw the inputs, she figured she had to fill them out, which she 
dutifully did.

Anectodal yet quite interesting.


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