[thelist] Configuring Apache 2, PHP5, and virtual hosts

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Sun Nov 12 16:41:16 CST 2006

Help! I'm a coder, not an admin, and I'm tearing my hair out trying to
configure my local Apache 2.2 (Windows) server to run PHP5 with virtual
hosts! I've looked at a lot of documentation and tutorials, but not much
seems to address the PHP and virtual host combination.

Maybe complicating matters, I seem to be running PHP as a CGI, because
those were the instructions that I was able to get to work before I
started trying to add in virtual hosts. I was not able to get it working
as a module using php5apache2.dll. That file is present, but for some
reason the LoadModule statement for it was preventing Apache from
starting, and I never did figure out why. I don't know if this is part
of my primary problem or not.

Anyway, as a CGI, I was finally able to get PHP working under the
default document root, and part of that involved setting PHP's doc_root
to match Apache's DocumentRoot. But when I added a virtual host, PHP
would not work in that site, still only in the default site. So I gave
up on that for the moment and tried switching Apache's default document
root to the new area, and it still would not work. I finally realized
(after spending 1/2 hour composing my first message to this list, which
I never sent) that if I *also* changed PHP's doc_root to match up with
Apache's new DocumentRoot, it works!

But, if I have virtual hosts, I can't also have multiple settings for
doc_root in php.ini, can I? How is that supposed to work in a virtual
host environment? This is the information I can't seem to find. Or maybe
after several hours just getting this far, I'm tired of searching and
thinking, and just need to ask if anyone here has the answer. :-|

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.

- John

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