[thelist] Seeking Senior Developer / Project Manager

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Sun Nov 12 08:55:39 CST 2006

A corporation I represent is seeking a Senior Developer, whose duties 
would also include Project Management, for maintaining and building upon 
a PHP/MySQL webapp built using the CakePHP MVC framework [0].  We are 
looking for someone to begin this position around Dec. 1st, and it is a 
40-hour a week telecommute job. We are looking for an individual with a 
strong technical background, proven professional experience, and 
ideally, experience and skills in personnel management as there would be 
a few developers to be managed by this person.

Any interested parties can apply to me.

Feel free to forward this email to any individuals or lists which may be 


[0] http://cakephp.org/

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