[thelist] Flash with rotating images, not working in IE7

Matt matt at camadro.com
Sun Dec 3 21:33:14 CST 2006

J.C. Johnson wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Internet Explorer incorrectly directs some URL requests (HTTP post of form
>> data) that return SWF files with no HTML wrapper to point to an incorrect
>> location. As a result, Flash Player will prevent the content from loading
>> --
>> debugger players will display an error message, and Web players will fail
>> silently. The issue has been fixed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta
>> 2.
>> (134253)
>> </snip>
> I must confess, I'm not entirely sure what that MEANS. ;-) I'm not sure if
> the above applies to my situation or not. The swf file itself does load, it
> just isn't operating properly.
>> On a separate but maybe related note,
>> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061123052529AAGecdF : seems
>> the default in ie7 is not to display animation, so double check your
>> browser
>> options.
> And here again, the regular parts of the swf in question are loading, on
> this site as well as others. Only the images called by xml file are not
> loading. 
> It doesn't work outside of the html file, either. The swf file itself is
> located at http://custommarine.com/headerMarine.swf and runs fine in other
> browsers, but in IE7 is still not grabbing the images through the xml file.
> (Eliminating what we're doing in the page itself as the problem, leaving
> basically the xml or the flash as the cause.) 
> Thanks folks! I'm still not at a solution, but I'm continuing to rule things
> out. I'm hoping to figure this out before the clients upgrade any machines
> to IE7 and discover their site no longer works. ;-) 
> Jeniffer


How do you have the path to the images written in your xml file? Try 
using an absolute path and see if that makes a difference. ie) 
Try putting some debug messages in your flash movie they tell you what 
it reads as the image file's path. That could lead you to something.

Just a shot in the dark.

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