[thelist] Flash with rotating images, not working in IE7 **SOLVED**

J.C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Mon Dec 4 22:37:05 CST 2006

And we have a winner!!! Marc, I grasped at your straw without much hope of
success, but lo and behold, once the jpg files were all saved not as
progressive, and uploaded to the server, the images started displaying in
the swf file. I didn't even have to reload it...it just started displaying
them as it ran through the rotation and hit the non-progressive files. 

THANK YOU ALL!! I really appreciate everyone tossing out ideas for this
vague and odd problem. I tried every suggestion on the off chance it would
be the right solution, and your suggestions helped me think of other things
to try I hadn't thought of before. While only this last one turned out to be
the real solution, all the suggestions were greatly appreciated. 


Jeniffer C. Johnson
OffLead Productions

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> Hi Jeniffer, no idea if this is the cause of your problem, but just last
> night I was reading documentation for a Flash banner rotator and it said
> that it was unable to display images saved as PROGRESSIVE jpegs.
> As I said, complete shot in the dark but maybe... Probably not though, as
> you said it worked with other browsers.
> Good luck.
> regards.
> -marc
> Message from J.C. Johnson (12/1/2006 11:00 AM)
> >We've got a site that is having some issues displaying the flash headers
> on
> >IE7. The headers load, and the logo and tagline within the animation load
> >just fine. But the headers rotate through images in a directory on the
> >server, and those images are not displaying on IE7. Works fine on IE6,
> and
> >on other browsers.

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