[thelist] Urgently looking for a new server

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Wed Dec 6 09:59:17 CST 2006

Lisa B McLaughlin wrote:
> Chris,
> I, too am looking for a new hosting service.  I keep IXWebhosting.com and
> NetworkRedux.com both.  NetworkRedux is more robust (read here, fewer
> problems during the year), but IXWebhosting offers support through online
> chat.  
> I am looking for a new unix/linux reseller hosting service that offers
> online chat support, support blog or log communications, and superior uptime
> (like say Rackspace).  I need an affordable reseller package with unlimited
> domains, etc. with the latest reliable PHP package.  Somehow the online chat
> makes me feel more in control when a client has, say, an email problem and
> expects to me resolve it.  I don't want to tell the client I'll take care of
> it then have to wait an hour to find out what the problem really is or if
> it's resolved while I'm fretting.  
> I am willing to pay a bit more, but cannot afford rackspace prices and need
> a package, not a we'll build it to your spec service.  
> This thread is very helpful.  I am too, mostly a lurker/rookie and very
> grateful for all the combined brains!
> Lisa

You might consider looking to partner with a firm that handles this. If 
you are relying on your upstream to provide support, it's better to have 
a firmer relationship. Not so much in the legal sense of partnership, 
but a relationship where the host wants to help you be successful -- not 
just sell you more bandwidth.

This can happen with big players, too. Also think about what you are 
dissatisfied with in your current setup, and how making a switch will 
help solve this.

Caveat: I run a web hosting company -- http://poehosting.com


patrick sanders
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