[thelist] Proper commenting and code maintainance [was:Whydoesthis JS code work the way it does???]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Dec 13 12:24:24 CST 2006

Anthony Baratta noted:

>>I'm primarily coding in dotNet C# right now and when we build 
>>Assemblies, I've been forcing my team to use the XML comments 
>>format for adding info about the NameSpace, Class, and Function 
>>into the compiled code. We then turn on XML documentation at 
>>compile time to generate and XML "help" document and use NDOC 
>>to convert that into a compiled help file and web pages.

>>That format works pretty well for us right now.

Hi Anthony,

That sounds pretty neat - and much more comprehensive than what 
I was thinking about!  ;-)

Actually, I was kinda thinking back to the old days when I seem 
to recall you doing some neat things with ASP dictionary objects. 
I was just kinda wondering if it might make some sense to leave 
a helpful hint or two to future code maintainers on how to use 
those boogers ... and whether it might be cool to leave that note 
in a custom attribute on the object itself cuz paper and 'outfile' 
documentation tends to disappear over time.


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