[thelist] CSS again: suspected IE funkiness on inline UL

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Dec 19 12:01:06 CST 2006

> I certainly found it helpful
> to limit my use of CSS to only the things which are available on all
> my target browsers - and not to abuse known undocumented features of
> certain browsers - particularly hacks based on the ability (or not) of
> certain versions of certain browsers to parse CSS.

I do believe that, for now, this is really the answer. I tend to get
tunnel vision, and can obviously spend oodles of time trying to solve a
problem I never needed to create in the first place.

For now, I'll simplify the navigation to something which I'm already
using multiple places with no problem whatsoever, and focus on updating
the content of my sites instead of banging my head against the wall just
to get the navigation tabs looking exactly the way I envisioned.

Again, I genuinely appreciate all the voices here, really I do.



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