[thelist] Whitespace, mysql, php, IE<7.0

Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Thu Jan 18 13:52:12 CST 2007

Hey everyone,
	I've got an ongoing issue that I'd like to stamp out for good.
There's a site I put together that is a sort of home brew CMS.  I just
wanted to see if I could pull it off.  Besides the fact that it was a
lot of work, everything works as intended except for some text issues.
PHP 4.XX is my scripting language and MySQL < 4 (maybe 3.51?? can check
if need to) is my db server.  I have users entering data into a web form
that's stored into a table, that's then pulled and displayed in the
page.  No big deal.  Of course everything works as expected in FF and
that's what we designed for, but....any IE version < 7.0 displays the
retrieved content unformatted and as one long continuous line.  No
breaks, no returns, no tabs, nothing.  It took quit a bit of CSS just to
get it to wrap properly.  I'm almost certain that it has something to
with the way MySQL/PHP treat data vs. MS Explorer.  The only solution I
can think of to solve this is some crazy data display processing
routines that would create the HTML for tabs, spaces, line breaks, and
what not on the fly.  This does not appeal to me and I hope that someone
out there has encountered this exact issue that would be willing to
share what worked for them.  Googling only seems to return CSS related
solutions and I think I may have maxed that work around out.  Does this
have anything to with a Windows vs. a Linux line break/Line feed?

Thanks in advanced.

Jon Molesa

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