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Adam Audette pubs at audettemedia.com
Mon Jan 22 11:56:58 CST 2007

At 10:36 AM 1/22/2007 -0600, Christian Heilmann wrote:
>Don't let the brand stand in the way of people finding your content.
>Brand names as keywords only work for known brands or in ebay

My first post here. Just wanted to say I agree in theory, but it 
always depends on what you're targeting. For instance if I was 
targeting list management software, and my company name was "List 
Manage Ware, Inc" I might want that in the title tag.

Just to provide overview, here's how I try to use header tags:

Overall theme:  title
Main heading:   h1
Sub-heading:    h2
etc...                  h3-

I like to use the title and h1 together, varied thematically. So 
the main heading on the page agrees w/ the title tag but narrows it 
just a bit. This seems to be a good system for real humans looking 
for info and SE bots. Then, h2 provides sub-heading and confirms / 
customizes the ideas on the page. h3 is about as far as I go with 


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