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Adam Audette pubs at audettemedia.com
Tue Jan 23 10:07:06 CST 2007

At 04:18 AM 1/23/2007 -0600, Paul Bennett wrote:
>Hi all,
>If you had 10 minutes to run a computer / internet workshop for 
>around 10 teenage kids, what would you do?
>Paul "I need ideas" Bennett

Maybe something on the emerging social media space - how networking 
sites like myspace and facebook work. You could describe digg and 
other bookmarking / voting sites and how they're an alternative to 
search. Flickr and Youtube and talk about how new kinds of media 
are being used by blogs and shared. Tie it all together w/ blogging 
and describe how blogs leverage these social sites and integrate so 
well within them w/ plugins and widgets.

Tagline: "Blogs and Social Media: The Future of Publishing"

They'll probably already know about most of it - but it's worth a 
10 minute try :)


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