[thelist] creating a small site

trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Thu Jan 25 18:32:53 CST 2007


could someone please offer advice on the following topic...

i'm to create a small site for someone who has got about 50 products she 
will be selling.  she will be wanting to change the products often,  add new 
ones and delete sold ones etc.

my question - is using a mysql database way more than what's needed? 
essentially, the site will show product images and info, listed by category, 
and sizes etc - so the page content would be dynamic.  i assumed that a 
small database and some basic php would work, but i have been researching 
and it seems a lot of people just use php scripts to read a whole folder 
full of images to create the page content, without using any database at 
all.  maybe this might be better but i don't know exactly where to start in 
that case.  how do people decide when to switch on the database, as opposed 
to just a folder full of files?

if anyone could give advice what approach to take, and/or what factors 
determine what approach to use, that would be great, thanks kindly~

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