[thelist] Uncompile a .NET application?

Casey Crookston caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com
Fri Jan 26 10:32:23 CST 2007

We are the host.  We have lots of backups of the production version,
none of the development version which was on an employees machine who
left.  Back to the original problem -- we do not have an uncompiled
version of the .dll on the production server.

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Does your web host do automatic backups? You might be in luck and have a
good version in storage.

Robert Vreeland

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Thanks Robert,

I wish it was that easy.  This is just a good 'ol case of code getting
of sync.  At one point this project was working all around, I made a ton
changes to the development version over a period of days -- far too many
use the Undo feature.  Well, not all of the changes I needed to make
went so
well when I moved to production (I made a copy of the old production
before I migrated), and I tried to roll back.  I can not get far enough
to have the development version match the production version again.


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Sounds like missing reference. First thing to I would check is to make
the production server has the right version of .net; i.e if you are
2.0 on your development server and 1.1 on the production. Also, if your
solution has multiple projects that compile into separate dll's you
might be missing one of those. 


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I have a complied version of a .NET application that works, but the
uncompleted project does not.  In other words, when I compile the
take the new .dll file, place it in the bin folder on the production
and then load the page, it does not work.  But if I role back to the
.dll file, it does work.  I have no idea what is different between the
versions.  Is it possible to un-compile the working .dll?



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