[thelist] zen-cart/email

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Jan 30 11:43:38 CST 2007

I am troubleshooting email on a site that uses zen-cart.  email is not 
being sent out through zen-cart to new users, to admins, anyone. 

I have command line, shell access to the server (not root but command 
line).  Command line mail is failing as well.  I also made up a simple 
php script to check for php mail, but it goes no where. The script does 
something like:

$to = "bobm at dottedi.biz";
$from = "From: whatever";
$body = "whatever";
$subject = 'also whatever";
mail($to, $from, $body, $from);

This works elsewhere (my other hosted sites) but not here.  Can someone 
either point me to a web page or send me some simple commands I can 
execute from the shell to trace where things are failing?  My local 
desktop is also running linux, so if there is something I can execute 
from this direction, that is fine.  Going 7 or 8 years back I remember 
some things to do with mconnect, but this is clearly not my expertise.   
I don't think this is a zen-cart issue (as command line email is failing)

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