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Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 13:13:35 CST 2007

Alright now Charles, we are really debating this nice and completely. Maybe
YouTube is passe. Maybe I need to wake up and smell the coffin.

But how do you suggest we make it easy for users to share the video you post
at your site? Beyond just "promote the site" or "mention the new videos,
with links to the page, in all promotions".

Do you suggest a Video Gallery? Will you let users  vote on and rank and
favorite these videos? How?

On 2/6/07, Charles Wiltgen <cwiltgen at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > There are many good ways to drive traffic to a
> YouTube
> > video (or Revver, WeMedia, etc.).
> And they're all as effective at driving traffic to
> your own site, which is a
> much better idea not only from an SEO POV but a
> marketing POV as well.
> The key to viral video is that it needs to be
> perceived as secret, cool and
> a somewhat exclusive in order to ignite.  YouTube was
> this at one point but
> isn't anymore, which is why YouTube is one of the
> worst choices for posting
> video that you're trying to make "go viral".
> Ze Frank <http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/> is a good
> model for how to do it
> right.  Put it on your own site, and (if it's worthy)
> people will not only
> find it but send their friends.  You build your own
> brand, build a unique
> experience (vs. the YouTube "me too" experience),
> improve your GoogleJuice.
> YouTube is fun and definitely has a place, but it's
> not the place to post
> anything with real value unless you have a strategic
> and/or rev-share
> agreement with GooTube.
> -- Charles
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