[thelist] junk entry into forms (captcha?)

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 05:47:41 CST 2007

Morning all,

Just had a (very old) client get in touch and the order form that I made for them a fair few yesra ago is now getting hammered - about 50 - 100 per day.

Not had this particular problem before as such.

Ideally I want a quick fix:)

Using Chris Heilman's easyform <http://www.onlinetools.org/articles/easyform/> from a *long time* ago, (the site was built in 2003 I think.)

I have already modified it slightly to check that the form is being submitted from the right referrer, (I don't have the code on this machine though.)

My question being is there an easy way of putting in a captcha or similar, and if so which is the best route to go down?


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