[thelist] eMail Edits please!

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Tue Feb 6 15:25:39 CST 2007

Shelley Watson wrote:
> I think I can speak for everyone here who gets thelist's emails in Digest.
> Please, please edit your replies!  I dunno, am I oldschool, out to lunch or
> what?  Repetitious, unneeded 'copy included' emails to this elist become a
> horror story when you receive in Digest mode.  I think I'm getting
> repetitive injury syndrome from repeated scrolling ;-)

You're right, of course, but the writing was on the wall for mailing 
list digests ten years ago, when Microsoft Outlook and other client 
software set their defaults to be full-autoquote. People will then 
persist in the habits they found easiest to achieve.

Would it work for you to switch to individual messages? This might be 
more effective than persuading the unpersuadable.... :(


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