[thelist] insulting list members WAS format for video?

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 07:58:13 CST 2007

Marc S. Why are you attacking me? Is this your idea of a discussion list? To
just state an opinion, or answer a question, then allow everyone or anyone
to pounce on it and tear it to shreds?

Somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

I provide input on a question. Someone takes issue with what I say. I reply.
That's called conversation, debate, search for truth, quest for deeper

To insult a colleague by calling his opinion or expertise "mumbo jumbo" and
to claim I am trying to imitate a famous business writer is calling the
person a "wannabe" or wanker or worse.

A sour hateful attitude toward "marketing". Ah well I hate most ads,
commercials, marketing, and PR myself, so we are on the same page.

Marketing BTW is not "waging war on wallets". In its best sense, it is
proclaiming the solution to a problem to people who have a problem you can
solve. But I have never marketed commodity goods, laundry soap, automobiles,
toothpaste, so I don't know what that crowd is smoking.

And a parody of a corporate fluff BS commercial is welcome in my world. If
your client is greedy and has a crap product, I'd say that is Business

Thanks for being so passionate about my feeble attempts to explore topics of
interest here. I get a lot of List subscribers, well a few anyway, who say
they enjoy the debates sparked by my comments.

On 2/8/07, Marc S. <webdevpost at delime.com> wrote:
> Ya ya ya. This is more marketing mumbo jumbo than gets spewed out
> during the superbowl.
> Steven, you're a marketing guy. Your BUSINESS is selling people on
> things. Even when they don't want them. No... ESPECIALLY when they
> don't want them.
> We all recognise that you're passionate about blogging and the
> concomitant mumbo jumbo but don't you think throwing around fancy Seth
> Godinesque phrases is coming on a bit strong considering your
> audience? Especially considering that you. are. not. Seth. Godin.
> Viral marketing and happy buzzwords aside, how do you think the
> original client is going to react when one of her competitors, or even
> marginally unhappy customers, happens across the video and makes a
> spoof of it with her wearing devil horns or reciting dirty poetry?
> Who's ass do you think is going to be on the line for recommending
> YouTube in the first place?
> But since you seem so taken with cliches, here are a couple of mine.
> Apologies if they're not as Web 2.0 as yours:
> There are no absolutes. Not even about the one right place to put your
> video.
> There is a time and place for everything. Even YouTube.
> Everything in moderation. Even viral marketing. Before you get us all
> sick.
> And just how old are you anyways if your Grandpa was on the Internet?
> On 2/6/07, Steven Streight <steven.streight at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The new web of wikinomics, crowdsourcing, and Net Gen swarming does not
> look
> > like Grandpa's internet to me.
> >
> > The old internet was a library.
> >
> > The new internet is a party.
> >
> > The old internet you just looked at and read and moved on, played a game
> > perhaps.
> >
> > The new internet is doing what the old internet dreamed of doing.
> >
> > The new internet is about interactivity, customers dictating demands to
> > companies and customers fleeing those who ignore or resist their
> demands.
> >
> > The new internet is universal content utopia, global democracy, open
> source
> > government, consumers advising each other and deleting all interruptive
> > marketing.
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