[thelist] Objecty 1.0a2

trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Thu Feb 8 12:52:22 CST 2007

hi charles,

here's my 2c worth of feedback...hope it is useful:

1st)  thanks a lot, this looks really easy to implement, thanks thanks!

2nd) my "experience":   when i go to your example page, the first thing i am 
greeted with is a dialog box:  Install Quicktime?  of course i say no, 
because (call me unique if you like) the quicktime installer always ransacks 
my file associations no matter what i tell it, and it always seems to trash 
my computer within days -  well...anyway, that's just me - i hate quicktime, 
it's terrible (crapple software on my beautiful pc, no way, heh!)

3rd) the first video (mpeg4) is a broken link - probably because i don't 
have quicktime installed  :)

4) next video mpeg4 with poster:  i click the play button, the whole thing 
just vanishes, and no playback starts.

5) the rest all worked - except ONCE only, when i clicked one of them, 
playback started, but the player vansihed, so i had the audio only - i 
believe it was the Flash (FLV) with Objecty poster version - but it works 
fine on subsequent visits....wierd....maybe not a problem, sorry about not a 
lot more info re that.

6) great weird al vid, he's a telented guy fir sure...he IS nerdy...

all the best,

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