[thelist] Objecty 1.0a2

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 13:35:08 CST 2007

> thanks a lot, this looks really easy to implement,
thanks thanks!

You're welcom, and I'm working hard to make sure that
1.0 is truly great.

> my "experience":

I think of QuickTime as the most elegant, most
standards-facing media
architecture available, but it's totally in your right
to hate it.  (I
certainly feel the same way about Real, which is
thankfully going away.)

Right now, Objecty triggers what would normally happen
if a publisher used
QuickTime and you didn't have it.  What should it do?

> next video mpeg4 with poster:  i click the play
button, the whole thing
just vanishes, and no playback starts.

Yep, because you don't have anything on your system
that supports
standards-based video.  For example, this works fine
on Ubuntu with mplayer.

I suspect you weren't asked to install anything
because you'd already
declined for the MPEG-4 example above that one.  I
haven't focused on user
feedback for missing plug-ins yet, but that's a
priority for later betas.

> the rest all worked - except ONCE only, when i
clicked one of them,
playback started, but the player vanished... [stuff
....wierd....maybe not a problem, sorry about not a
lot more info re that.

Let me know if you can reproduce, okay?


-- Charles

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