[thelist] Objecty 1.0a2

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 20:01:13 CST 2007

> Great idea, smoothing out that embed process is very
needed. Does it have
to be 95k though? I notice that you seem to have
mod_deflate or similar
running which brings it down to 27k, but it still
seems a little big?

It's something that you need to consider.

Objecty is 27 KB (everybody should use mod_deflate,
but if not you can serve
it zipped), plus some tiny resources that are only
loaded as-needed.  It's
only loaded once per site (generally before the page
has even finished
loading), and after that it's cached.

To put it in perspective, apple.com (which is snappy
for me) loads 200 KB
worth of 11 separate JavaScripts.  Just the image of
the iPhone on Apple's
front page is another 56KB.

> How much of it is from the libraries?
Most of it, since without one I wouldn't be able to
reliably support all
modern browsers across different OSs.  A "core"
version for folks using the
same libraries is a good idea, and I wrote a build
system this weekend that
would make that relatively straightforward.

> Still, looks great for an alpha, I'll keep close
tabs on it :)


-- Charles

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