[thelist] Hover events within a UL

Craig Givens nospamaddy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 22:25:26 CST 2007

Hello fellow Evolters,

I'm trying to apply an :hover event to a UL so that when a user mouses
over the block, the entire block appears to change background colours
and is also clickable with an applied <a href="link.htm">. Here is a
sample of what I worked up:


However, there are some problems:

1) I can only seem to highlight the block in Firefox, not IE
2) I cannot make the entire block clickable because an HREF cannot be
wrapped around a UL in the markup
3) The LI within the UL gets highlighted and changes colour, but the
<h3> within the UL does not (unless I hover it specifically).

Is there any way to overcome all of these problems with some fancy CSS
rules and tricks?


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