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Taurus James taurus_james at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 13:43:28 CST 2007

--- Christian Heilmann wrote:

> Would be interesting to know if anyone had positive
> experiences with
> Monster? So far I only got spam from headhunters from it.

I have had consistent success with Monster here in Los Angeles,
in Salt Lake City, Utah and Dayton, Ohio - over the last 8 years
or so.  I think success has a lot to do with your system of
using the tool.  

I do agree that there are a lot more "junk" postings on the site
now.  Also, I got about 20 headhunters in 2 days of posting my
resume revisions - many for the same position.  I use
headhunters as a last resort, but I talk with them anyway
because they clue me in on how well I've sold myself on paper.  

Monster is my primary with Craigslist as my second tool.  Both
work for me because I've developed my way of using them.

- Taurus

Monster is a good tool

 Taurus M. James 

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