[thelist] Ajax CMS examples

bj bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Sun Feb 18 12:21:19 CST 2007

>- I'd like to be able to edit individual parts of a page
>(paragraphs?) to make the text areas more manageable.  But, that makes
>it harder to copy-n-paste between sections.  What would you suggest
>for how much text to edit at one time in a text area?
>- I'm not clear how to update individual parts of a page in the
>database.  If I use ajax to update, say, a paragraph would the page be
>made up of multiple rows in a table, or would it be better to parse
>the page's DOM and replace the paragraph (so a page's content is just
>one row in a table)?
>Again, just looking for general suggestions and examples of good "Web
>2.0" style content editing.

You might want to look at how ModX CMS handles this. The reason I
point it out is that my very noob web design clients LOVE this
interface and being able to edit each part of the page from the
frontend, so for that reason, whether you choose to emulate this type
of functionality on your own ap, or use modx, users will love it. I
set up templating in this ap so each portion that should be editable is
in a Template Variable. That way they can choose that area to edit
when they're logged in and on the page. Very nice.

You can choose to have the Richtext editor turned on or off sitewide,
which will also affect the quickedit function on the frontend.


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