[thelist] XML possible solution

Dan Craciun dc.thelist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 04:46:42 CST 2007

Hi all,

The products section of a site looks like this:
- top categories as links (menu) on the left
- for every category a short text and the subcategories (to be displayed 
on the content section)
- for every "leaf" or final subcategory, a short text and links to 
specific pages on manufacturer's website.

You'll find a sample here: http://qurl.net/1o7

If I do the pages manually, there will be some 40+ pages and if they 
change fast enough, the maintenance will resemble the production of a 
Matrix scene :)

This looks like the perfect candidate to store data as an xml file. This 
is the schema I've created so far:


A sample semi-filled XML file is here: http://qurl.net/1o8

And here come the questions:
- am I reinventing the wheel here? This is, essentially, a content 
management problem
- do you have pro/cons with this approach?
- how complex do you think the php display class will be (this will be 
my first practical implementation of XML in php).


Dan Craciun

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