[thelist] PHP, PDF and IE7

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Mon Mar 12 09:59:14 CDT 2007

> I was just reading up on this the other day. IE7 won't load a .PDF, from
> what I read, this is by design and not a bug, this comes from Microsoft's
> site. I wasn't able to find out anything further than that unfortunately or
> find a solution. I know this isn't much help but before you beat yourself up
> with coding, I thought I would mention this.
> If there is a solution to this, I would be very much interested.

The issue *appears* to be the file ending (because clicking on a .pdf 
file DOES work in IE7 AFAIK) so one solution to my particular problem 
would be to write out a temporary file with a .pdf ending and direct the 
user to that.

My issue is not that it won't load it, but that Windows XP won't even 
open it, due to the lack of .pdf file ending.

I was just hoping to find a more elegant solution.


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