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Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
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> I don't know anything about front page extensions. 
> The old hosting provider indicated that the ftp login/password, 
> etc would not work with front page.  To make this ugly story 
> short, the admin cannot get front page to connect with the 
> given login/password.  When he attempts to connect through 
> IE he sees an IE message in the bottom of the browser 
> saying something like "Opening sitename" but no success.
> Thus the question - is there something that the new hosting 
> company must provide (login, password, etc) which the guy 
> needs that is different from common ftp info? 

A username/password to access an FTP service gives you exactly that, and
nothing more. The FTP server that the hosting company is using might not even
share the same user accounts database that FPSE is using (e.g. they could be
using an FTP server that maintains its own user accounts database, and
doesn't use the Windows SAM).

The current version of FPSE allows the hoster to use either Windows accounts,
or an internal database of users maintained by FPSE. 

You need the appropriate credentials that FPSE is configured to allow. This
may, or may not, be the same credentials that gives you access to the FTP

Your hosting company, if they are any good, should give you everything you
need. If they don't, then find a better company (companies like
ServerIntellect, CrystalTech, ORCSweb etc provide great Windows hosting)

> I moved the site to the new hosting service and we put it on a 
> windows server (this hurt....i cringe).

Why would this hurt you, or make you cringe? The hosting is on some black box
out there in "the cloud". You don't need to know what it's running, or how it
works. Can we keep this emotional stuff to a minimum? It hurts me, and makes
me cringe, when I read it. :-)


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