[thelist] front page - connection problem

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Wed Mar 21 12:15:29 CDT 2007

I don't know if this is of some help, but I think that there should  
be a possibility in the admin zone of the hosting, where you can  
"switch on" Frontpage extensions (unix server).

I actually have the opposite problem: Took over a site that was  
managed with Frontpage (extensions on) and I can't uplaod normally  
with FTP (program hangs), while I swithched frontpage extensions off.

Sorry if this doesn't help much.


> This is not a me thing, so please no one shoot the postal carrier.
> One of my clients has a site which is managed by a non-techy (it's a
> non-profit).  Hosting was about to expire, so he asked me to move to a
> new hosting service.  The guy who actually updates the site uses front
> page, front page extensions (I have never even looked).  I moved the
> site to the new hosting service and we put it on a windows server  
> (this
> hurt....i cringe).
> I don't know anything about front page extensions.  The old hosting
> provider indicated that the ftp login/password, etc would not work  
> with
> front page.  To make this ugly story short, the admin cannot get front
> page to connect with the given login/password.  When he attempts to
> connect through IE he sees an IE message in the bottom of the browser
> saying something like "Opening sitename" but no success.
> Thus the question - is there something that the new hosting company  
> must
> provide (login, password, etc) which the guy needs that is different
> from common ftp info?  Right question?
> -Bob

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