[thelist] Looking for UK HTML Contractor

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 08:26:50 CDT 2007

Hi all

For a few reasons, I can't post this to the site, so I thought I'd  
put it here.

My day job is looking for a UK based person to do an HTML build for a  
high profile consumer-focused site we're working on; taking it from  
visuals to working HTML (clean, semantic, standards compliant,  
accessible etc) for integration into the real system.

London based, but the rate's reasonably generous, and it's from 20th  
April->mid August.

You *must* be already set up as a contractor[1], or able to be so  
*really* quickly via an umbrella company. Ideally, you'd be Elan- 
registered already which would make life *super* easy.

If that's you, ping me off-list


[1] With liability/indemnity insurance up to the yingyang. Because if  
you're not, the cashflow & admin will inconvenience you dreadfully
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