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patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Fri Mar 30 08:56:05 CDT 2007

Nancy Johnson wrote:
> I have been a Front End Webdeveloper/Designer/maintainer of one website for a few years now  and am way behind in my skill sets, such as javascript, PHP, .asp as 
> others.   
>   Some items such as HTML and CSS I feel very confident about.  I've had no opportunity to learn PHP,  our site has little javascript, however I can create an maintain a simple asp script and have some experience with SQL Server.
>   I have little experience with slicing and building from a photoshop comp however I feel it is something I could do as I have done my own tests using Photoshops slicing tools. 

If you want to go the production route -- building sites using HTML/CSS 
from a Photoshop file provided by a designer -- then just slicing it out 
and having Photoshop generate the code is not sufficient. This is what 
is known as being 'tool-bound'.

You can learn a lot of different things -- get a good breadth of 
knowledge -- but you should also pick a track for emphasis. Get REALLY 
good at HTML, for example.


patrick sanders
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