[thelist] CSS Woes

Jay Blanchard jblanchard at pocket.com
Tue May 8 13:23:36 CDT 2007

> content with the nested div's rises to the top of the right div in IE
> (as it should) 

well, as you desire, not as it should ;)

True dat!

1. do you specifically need three divs per line, as your original sketch
shows? otherwise, trash the spacer div and just let them float left
until there's no more room, at which point, they'll just drop to a new
line as needed

I was attempting to emulate a table, so there would have been a fixed
number of columns. The special is I wanted to be able to hide columns or
rows as desired so that  customer could do a side-by-side comparison of
the products in the category they were looking at. 

2. have you analyzed the content semantically to make absolutely sure
you're not avoiding tables without reason? (I know you're smarter than
that, Jay, but I've done it myself, and I'm smarter than that too ;)

>From a semantics standpoint you're right, I could not see the forest for
the trees. Putting this data in a table makes perfect sense, I just
wanted to do something cool with the table. There is much to be done if
I want to hide rows, much less columns when using a table.

3. can container0 be floated *right*, independent of nav? if so, you
might could have spacer only clear:left, leaving the right floatage of
container0 alone, affecting only the left floatage of them little
internal divs.

Tried that, ended up looking weird on both browsers. Odd spacings and
the like.

4. consider asking on css-d. they be smart people there, much smarter
than me

Are you having one of those days Joel? :) Twice you have doubted your
level of smartness, and that goes without a doubt around here! 

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