[thelist] CSS positioning problem

Chris Dorer cdorer at gmail.com
Fri May 11 07:53:47 CDT 2007

Here's the source code in URL format.  The firefox problem was fixed when a
colleague came over and pointed out that:

Any inline elements (i.e.span or em) doesn't get rendered in browser unless
containing something, that's why i put a nbsp where needed. also width
doesn't apply to inline elemonts only block, so i replaced width with
padding-left which does the same trick.

for floats to work you hav to make boxshell element and element with in it a

All I have left is to fix the ie6 issue, does anybody have any thoughts?


On 5/10/07, Chris Dorer <cdorer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm having a huge issue with relative positioning with my elements, I'm
> trying to avoid using absolute positioning because I have to create separate
> css styles for each element I make have an absolute position.
> Netscape and Firefox:
> Initially, I was developing only one box so I didn't see an issue until I
> plopped the bottom box underneath the top box.  Anytime I place my p tags
> inside the <div id="linkContainer"> in the top box, the entire setup of
> bottom box is destroyed.  What am I missing, using relative positioning that
> would help correctly place the elements into the bottom box.
> IE6 only:
> We all know, IE stinks a tad.  However what do I need to do to prevent ie6
> from creating double the space of the <div id="linkcontainer"> in blue,
> below the boxes?
> I've googled for hours, and tried many tricks.  I have a dirty feeling I'm
> missing something.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
> Chris

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