[thelist] XML madness

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Fri May 11 12:25:12 CDT 2007

First off sorry for top-posting

I actually did copy the contents of file 1 over file 2 and tried to reload
but even that failed (which proper confused me)

Currently the file that didn't work has now started working... Hmm

I'm going to go and get the original XML file that failed and try it
again... If it doesn't work I'll provide links to both working and munged
XML files

The files are served from the same place but one was edited using a
different method... Now that yourself and Peter have mentioned the invisible
character problem (I had already eradicated the whitespace from the broken
file but there could be something I've missed) I'm going back for more

Cheers for the reply guys and I will definitely keep you up to date


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Dan Parry scribeva in 11/05/2007 15:58:
> In IE all is well and happiness is about the land (with none more
> than me) yet in FF a weird thing happens. 1 file will read perfectly and
> recreate the object but the other will always fail saying the first
> childNode of the root element has no properties

Sound's like the files are not identical after all... The failing one 
could have white space after the root element's starting tag - then the 
first firstChild would be textNode. IE could be ignoring white space 
while FF not.

> I've double- and triple-checked the XML to make sure they are identical
> they are. All that differs is the filename

For example white space is sometimes difficult to catch with plain eye 
:-) Have tried copying file A over file B? Then you'd know they are 

Are the files served from the same place BTW?

> I can provide the XML or URLs should anyone need them

Some URLs would be lovely, please.


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